Bathroom Splashback Ideas

Our aim at UA Glass is to help you achieve your design dream when considering bathroom splashbacks. You have an bathroom splashback idea, we can work with you to create that bespoke look. Glass bathroom splashbacks can go anywhere in the bathroom, maybe just a splash of colour behind your sink, or for bathroom splashbacks to cover most of the wall space, either way you will be creating that wow effect as well as protecting your bathroom walls from splashes and spills whilst bathing. We welcome people’s bathroom splashback ideas and will offer honest advice as to how we can help achieve that look or feel that you are hoping to create. The bathroom splashback install will be the last part in any bathroom refurbishment and will complete the look of your bathroom, so we understand how important it is to get it right. There are so many glass bathroom splashback ideas to consider…..


Bathroom Splashback Ideas – Standard Colours

Coloured Glass bathroom splashbacks is our most popular choice. We have 24 standard sample colours to choose from. You might be looking for a subtle, understated colour, such as Almond, Mineral Haze, White or Cream, or something bold and bright such as Lime, Plum or Pure Orange in your bathroom splashback ideas. Either look will provide a stylish and contemporary look, transforming the appearance of any bathroom. Some customers will even mix the two looks! Colour Match is also an option, so if you have a favourite colour in mind we can re-create it.

Printed Glass Splashbacks and Wall Art

What about this for a bathroom splashback idea… Looking to create an eye-catching, personalised feature? We are able to laminate any image onto glass, from a family portrait to your favourite landscape, or alternatively you can choose an image from an extensive range. Printed Glass splashbacks add that personal touch to your bathroom.

Bathroom Spashback ideas – Mirrored Splashbacks

Mirrored splashbacks are becoming more and more popular we have many bathroom splashback ideas. We offer various mirrored splashbacks; Replica Antique, Venetian Antique and Bronze. Mirrored splashbacks add light and depth to any bathroom, and a touch of unrivalled class and sophistication.