Coloured Glass Bathroom Splashbacks

Transform your bathroom with a bathroom splashback

Fed up with trying to clean grout and mould? Use glass behind your sink, bath, in your shower enclosure and around your bathroom walls. Toughened Glass is extremely durable and easy to keep clean. It also provides a huge range of bespoke colours and designs.

We also have a wide range of vibrant and subtle colour bathroom splashbacks as well as bespoke printed images of your choice and many other premium designer finishes. A Glass Bathroom Splashback will brighten up your home and make the bathroom maintenance easy.

Bathroom Splashbacks for the SINK AREAS

Sink splashbacks are practical in any area of your home. Surround your bathroom sink with a unique, modern, and easy to clean glass bathroom sink splashback. Toothpaste stains are a thing of the past. Our glass bathroom sink splashbacks are water and heat resistant.

Bathroom Splashbacks for BATH AREAS

Our bathroom glass splashbacks are both heat and water resistant. Surround your bath with a modern, unique and easy to clean glass splashback. Cut-outs for taps and handles makes the look seamless and we can place glass within the window reveals.

Bathroom Splashbacks for SHOWER ENCLOSURES

Avoid difficult to clean grout and tiles with a modern and easy to clean surface. Customise your glass with any of our bathroom splashback finishes. Showers enclosures can be transformed with a bespoke glass splashback. Cut-outs can be made to accommodate any brackets & plumbing fittings.


We are proud to offer a new effect for all our metallic splashbacks!! The Water Droplet effect looks fantastic on our metallic splashback colours including Bronze, Silver and Rose Gold, and would make a fabulous centrepiece in any Kitchen or Bathroom. Contact us for more information.

Metallic Droplets coloured kitchen slpashbacks
Metallic Water Droplet coloured kitchen slpashbacks