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Frameless Glass Balustrades

Frameless Glass Balustrades are a popular architectural glazing design feature on many projects, internally or externally, to create a clear yet strong safety barrier. They define boundries with little effort and without any interruptions offering safety and class to any balcony, patio or decking.

Using toughened laminated structural glass, specially designed for use for frameless glass balustrades, you can create a structural frameless glass balustrade that creates no obstruction through a space with a minimal contemporary finish, creating a extraordinary look. Frameless glass balustrades for balconies, a decking area or mezzanine create an almost invisible barrier between the viewer and the view.

But what you get with a frameless glass balustrades is the considerable aesthetic benefit of virtually limitless expanses of pure uninterrupted glass without supports, clamps or corner posts – or even the line of a handrail. Looking outwards, this means views as uninterrupted as views are likely to get until someone invents the invisible force field. And, a frameless glass balustrades within, means more light, more sense of space and a feature that will blend with virtually any architectural or decorative style or design. Glass is a material that will last for all intents and purposes almost forever

Our frameless glass balustrade system is perfect if you want the safety and security of a barrier without unsightly posts, giving that clear view wherever you look. This balustrade manufactured and fitted by UA Glass Ltd for a customer in Sheringham.


They are very versatile and are suitable for a range of installations including glass balconies, safety railings around a raised deck or patio area and roof top terraces.  This versatility leads to extra flexibility in reaching the most suitable solution for bespoke installation and design requirements for your frameless glass balustrades.
Frameless glass balustrades can be used on external balconies, internal level changes or stairwells with various fixing techniques depending on the surrounding elements.

Fitting a frameless glass balustrade from UA Glass will provide you with amazing results. Toughened or laminated glass twinned with elegant lines and stylish fittings allow an unhindered vista, whilst creating a safe, strong barrier. UA Glass’ in-house design and engineering experts can design a minimal, aesthetically pleasing and functional glass barrier.

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Due to the nature of frameless glass balustrades, safety and reliability are paramount …

Our systems can be fixed at the base or on the sides and can are expertly designed to suit each project application, e.g. staircases, internal level changes and external balconies.

Fixtures and fittings such as caps, handles and handrails can be added as required, and a range of edging details are available on to fully complement the systems.
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