Glass Kitchen Backsplash | A Unique Look for Your Home

At UA Glass we have a wide range of glass kitchen backsplash ideas for you to choose from. We can mix up thousands of colours including all RAL, British Standard and Dulux colours. Visit our website and start your backsplash journey.

Glass Kitchen Backsplash

Looking to update your kitchen? Considering a backsplash? Create the WOW factor in your kitchen with a high quality, competitively priced splashback from UA Glass Ltd. Our aim at UA Glass is to help you achieve your design dream when considering a kitchen backsplash. You have an kitchen backsplash idea, we can work with you to create that bespoke look. A glass kitchen backsplash can go anywhere in the kitchen, maybe just a splash of colour behind your cooker hob, or for kitchen a backsplash to cover most of the wall space, either way you will be creating that wow effect as well as protecting your kitchen walls from splashes and spills whilst cooking. Glass kitchen backsplashes are becoming more and more popular and help to achieve a sleek, luxurious look within your kitchen that you can enjoy with minimal maintenance. The kitchen backsplash install will be the last part in any kitchen refurbishment and will complete the look of your kitchen, so we understand how important it is to get it right.

Our Kitchen Backsplash Range

Why is a kitchen glass backsplash so popular? The design possibilities and colour options are endless. UA Glass have a comprehensive range of backsplash designs and colours to choose from as well as working with any idea you have in mind to help create your dream kitchen. We pride ourselves on offering a warm and friendly service with honest advice.  We have a vast portfolio of kitchen glass backsplashes and enjoy helping our customers create a personalised look within their home, no two kitchen glass backsplash orders are ever the same!  A glass backsplash will transform the appearance of any kitchen, creating an attractive, unrivaled look.  A kitchen glass backsplash is the back drop to any kitchen, make a statement with a kitchen glass backsplash from UA Glass Ltd. We welcome people’s kitchen backsplash ideas and will offer honest advice as to how we can help achieve that look or feel that you are hoping to create.

Choose your Backsplash

Coloured Glass Backsplash

A coloured glass kitchen backsplash is our most popular choice. We have 24 standard sample colours to choose from. You might be looking for a subtle, understated colour, such as Almond, Mineral Haze, White or Cream, or something bold and bright such as Lime, Plum or Pure Orange in your kitchen backsplash ideas. Either look will provide a stylish and contemporary look, transforming the appearance of any kitchen. Some customers will even mix the two looks! Our coloured glass is manufactured to the highest quality. Backsplashes and worktops are produced in toughened safety glass and are therefore resistant to heat and impact. Cut outs can be made for sockets, taps, sinks and hobs, and glass can be cut to shapes to reduce the amount of joints, giving a clean modern finish.

Colour Match you Kitchen Backsplash

Colour Match is also an option, so if you have a favourite colour in mind we can re-create it. The design and colour possibilities are endless and each glass backsplash is tailor-made to your specific requirements. We are able to send out colour samples from our standard colour range to help you choose what works in your kitchen.

Latest news on standard sample colours!

We have recently added two new colours to our latest colour additions, Rose Gold and Amythyst. Rose Gold’s delicate, subtle copper tone compliments any kitchen and adds a touch of luxury creating a modern, plush look. Purple Amethyst, adds a bright and vibrant splash of colour to any kitchen.

Kitchen Backsplash Colour of 2018

BLACK was the glass splashback colour of 2018! For the second year running Black is the No 1 choice from our standard colour range, and we can see why! It effortlessly blends into almost any kitchen style, be it traditional or contemporary, and will always endure and work with changes in kitchen styles and designs.

Laminated Image

Looking to create an eye-catching, personalised feature? Laminated modern kitchen backsplashes are the latest innovation in decorative glass. Give your kitchen the WOW factor with a laminated image from UA Glass Ltd. We are able to laminate any image onto glass, from a family portrait to your favourite landscape, or alternatively you can choose an image from an extensive range. Printed Glass backsplashes add that personal touch to your kitchen. The design possibilities are endless.

Be Inspired with a Mirror Backsplash!

A mirror backsplash has becoming more and more popular. We offer various mirror backsplashes; Replica Antique, Venetian Antique and Bronze. A mirror backsplash will add light and depth to any kitchen, and a touch of unrivaled class and sophistication. All our Mirrors can be cut to any size and shape and come with polished edges. Every Mirror we manufacture is measured to your exact specifications and design. The design possibilities are endless, and we can work with any idea, however big or small.

Modern Kitchen Backsplash

Add some sparkle and shine to your kitchen! Glitter can be added to our standard colour range to create that WOW effect. This would create a modern kitchen backsplash look. Our newest effect, The Droplet effect, creates an understated, bespoke look. This effect is available for all our metallic colours including Silver, Bronze and Rose Gold.

The Process

Once the kitchen glass backsplash order is confirmed all the information is sent to the processing factory. The clear glass is cut to the required measurements, edges polished and holes drilled and sockets cut (if required). The clear glass is then toughened making it therefore resistant to heat and impact. Finally, the kitchen glass backsplash is painted and wrapped ready for collection or delivery. We work with the most up to date machinery and this allows us to manufacture first class kitchen glass backsplash uk. Our installers are always busy, out on a daily basis covering Norfolk and Suffolk, installing our high quality, made to order kitchen glass backsplash uk.

Easy to fit

Kitchen Glass backsplash uk are easy to install using adhesive and because its non-porous its very hygienic never needs sealing therefore minimal maintenance. For anyone that is not wanting to install the glass yourself we provide a templating and fitting service covering Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge. Contact UA Glass Ltd today to arrange a home visit with one of our experienced installers. We are renowned for supplying excellent quality splashbacks and a warm and friendly service with honest advice.

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