Coloured Glass Kitchen Splashbacks & Worktops


Transform your kitchen with a kitchen splashback

There is no limit to the design possibilities using a coloured glass. Typically used for kitchen splashbacks and work surfaces, it provides a stylish and contemporary look which will transform the appearance of any kitchen, bathroom, reception…the uses are endless!

Why choose glass for a kitchen splashback?

Ever since the Romans first discovered the exceptional qualities of glass, it has been prized for its adaptability and its durability, its practical applications and its beauty.

Top designers now use glass splashbacks

Its no surprise therefore that glass splashbacks are fast becoming the top choice for contemporary designers in the UK.

Kitchen splashback ideas are endless

Our team loves working with Toughened Glass because its perfect as a heat and stain resistant surface for your kitchen; The kitchen splashback ideas are endless with our glorious range of colours, sparkles and shimmers, textures, mirrored surfaces, and personalised artwork and patterns.
The glass we use is toughened to ensure heat resistance up to 400°C and impact resistance equivalent to a sledge hammer hitting the surface.

The alternatives are Granite, this can stain and scratch. Solid wood marks and scratches easily, has to be oiled twice a year and is not as hygienic. Laminate can look cheap and is easily damaged. Stainless steel has an industrial look and can look amazing but scratches easily. Marble scratches and stains. Quartz discolours over time when exposed to sunlight, can have very obvious seams and is not as heat resistant as our glass. We believe a Glass Splashback or worktop has all the benefits to make your kitchen a safe environment with the added bonus of looking amazing.


We are proud to offer a new effect for all our metallic splashbacks!! The Water Droplet effect looks fantastic on our metallic splashback colours including Bronze, Silver and Rose Gold, and would make a fabulous centrepiece in any Kitchen or Bathroom. Contact us for more information.

Metallic Droplets coloured kitchen slpashbacks
Metallic Water Droplet coloured kitchen slpashbacks