We offer various types of mirror glass splashbacks, including:

  • Silver Mirror (standard and matt finish)
  • Bronze Tinted Mirror (standard and matt finish)
  • Grey Tinted Mirror (standard and matt finish)
  • Venetian Antique Mirror
  • Replica Antique Mirror
  • Valdena Mirror
  • Sienna Mirror
  • Cinnabar Mirror
  • Murano Mirror

Examples of installed splashbacks

Transform Your Kitchen with a Mirror Glass Splashback

There is no limit to the design possibilities using a coloured glass. Typically used for kitchen splashbacks and work surfaces, it provides a stylish and contemporary look which will transform the appearance of any kitchen, bathroom, reception…the uses are endless!

Why Mirror for a Kitchen Splashback?

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to renovate. The impact of transforming your kitchen is huge, the kitchen is usually the hub of the house. In fact, a beautiful kitchen can increase the value of your home considerably. The addition of a mirrored kitchen splashback not only creates that wow factor, but opens up the space in a truly unique and contemporary way. It can make a small kitchen look twice the size and twice as bright.


Please note that mirrors cannot be toughened, therefore where mirrors are being installed behind a gas hob, extra care must be taken to ensure that the flame does not come into contact with the mirror, as there is a risk of breakage caused by excessive heat. Mirrors installed behind gas hobs are at the customers own liability.

Mirror Glass Splashback – The Popular Choice

Glass Splashbacks come in all sorts of colours, textures and finishes and are a great way to protect your kitchen, so it’s no surprise that the statement splashback is still a top trend for kitchens.  The style of splashback is really determined by the style of kitchen and, to some degree, the style of house and here at UA Glass our Mirrored Glass Splashback range is proving, at the moment, to be the most popular choice!!  Mirrored Glass splashbacks can be fitted just behind a hob, or on all the walls in the kitchen between the worktops and wall units, which gives a smooth, streamlined effect, together with reflecting light back in the room making it feel bigger and brighter. Mirrored Glass splashbacks look particularly stunning, and create a bespoke, sophisticated look in any kitchen. Any of our mirror splashbacks would suit most kitchen styles, but we do find that character properties where people tend to go for the more traditional looking kitchen, will often opt for venetian mirror antique glass or replica mirror antique splashback, and modern new builds will opt for the contemporary looking grey mirror or silver mirror splashback.

Getting a quality glass mirror splashback is one of the most effective ways of protecting the walls and keeping the kitchen or bathroom looking good. The advantages of mirror glass splashbacks over coloured splashbacks or digitally printed splashbacks is that they can not only be used to compliment any colour scheme or style; modern and traditional but you can change the colour of your room quite easily without affecting the splashback. They are also easy to clean – a simple wipe with spray of glass cleaner and all those oils splatters vanish.

Top Designers Now Use Mirror Glass Splashbacks

Its no surprise therefore that mirror glass splashbacks are fast becoming the top choice for contemporary designers in the UK.

The alternatives are Granite, this can stain and scratch. Laminate can look cheap and is easily damaged. Stainless steel has an industrial look and can look amazing but scratches easily. Marble scratches and stains. Quartz discolours over time when exposed to sunlight, can have very obvious seams and is not as heat resistant as our glass. We believe a Mirror Splashback has all the benefits to make your kitchen a safe environment with the added bonus of looking amazing.

The On Trend Mirror Splashback

Grey, Green and Blue kitchens are very on trend at present and customers that are looking for a more of an understated, neutral look to accompany their kitchen design are opting for Mirror Glass Splashbacks.  We can work with any design idea, and pride ourselves on delivering a warm and friendly service with honest advice.

Make a statement in your kitchen with a Mirror Glass Splashback.

Mirror Glass Splashbacks offer unrivalled elegance creating natural light, and an illusion of space within any room. They suit both contemporary and traditional kitchen looks, adding a touch of sophistication and style.

We offer a template and fitting service, or alternatively supply only, if you wish to install the glass yourself. Mirror Glass Splashbacks are made to order to your specific requirements.

All our Mirror Glass Splashbacks are safety backed, and we advise that they are fixed to the wall using adhesive.