Privacy Glass Norwich Norfolk

Privacy Glass Norwich Norfolk

Sandblasted Glass or glass etching is one of the oldest forms of decorative glass on the market and centuries on since this technique was first being practiced etching glass- privacy glass looks as stylish as ever. Depending on the design Privacy Glass can create a classic look or a contemporary, modern look, the design possibilities for privacy glass are endless!

Privacy Glass Designs

We have hundreds of privacy glass designs available to choose from, or if you are looking to create a bespoke piece of privacy glass we can work with most ideas or designs. Contact UA Glass on 01603 414557 or email for more information on Sandblasted Glass or privacy glass.

Privacy Glass is One of The Most Popular Requests

One of our most popular requests is for privacy glass. We typically produce privacy Glass for doors, partitions, balustrades, shower screens and enclosures. It adds privacy, allows for natural light and helps to create a sleek and contemporary look. Privacy Glass can range from a simple border to a full decorative feature.

Privacy Glass on Mirrors

Privacy Glass is a great way to have designs on both mirrors and clear glass to create that bespoke look within your home. Privacy glass or sandblasted glass designs can range from a simple border to a full decorative feature. We have hundreds of privacy glass designs available for you to choose from and our expertly trained, in-house design team can re-create, replicate or work to customer’s own artwork or drawings.

Privacy glass an alternative to blinds or curtains

Wherever there is glass, it can be made into privacy glass. Privacy glass also offers an alternative to blinds and curtains, removing visual clutter and also removing the need to dust and clean them. This is particularly important for bi-fold doors, which often comprise of multiple large panels of glass, making privacy a top concern for end users.