Sashlite Ultra Thin Double Glazed Units

The Original Ultra Thin Sashlite Unit Manufacturer

We manufacture Sashlite Ultra Thin Double Glazed Units, as little as 10mm overall in thickness, incorporating the latest Warm Edge Technology, Low E Glass and Insulating Inert Gases. The development of our Sashlite Ultra Thin Units means that old traditional wooden windows can now be retrofitted with modern, highly efficient double glazing without altering the original appearance. This is proving to be especially useful in conservation areas.

Our standard range of Sashlite Double Glazed Units includes:

  • 12mm Standard
  • 11mm Standard
  • 10mm Standard
  • 11mm Crown or Drawn Glass
  • 10mm Crown or Drawn Glass

All options are available with either Krypton Gas or Argon Gas, depending upon your requirements.

Advantages of Sashlite Double Glazed Units

  • They comply with Building Regulations Document L England for improved thermal insulation.
  • The narrow cavity, between the 2 panes of glass, reduces the required glazing width rebates and enables slimmer sections to be used.
  • The use of Warm Edge spacer bar helps to reduce the perimeter condensation.
  • Low-E (low-emissivity) glass used for the inner pane reflects heat back into the room.
  • Sashlite double glazed units can be installed into most existing single glazed openings.
  • Replacing one square metre of single glazing with Low-E double glazing will give you a saving of up to 90kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year by reducing heat loss, and in turn, could save you money on energy bills.
Sash Small


All UASashlite Double Glazed Units are constructed as follows:

3mm or 4mm Outer Pane / 4mm Gas Filled Cavity / 4mm Low-E

  • 5mm Perimeter seal width
  • Black, Warm Edge spacer bar
  • Sealed with Epoxy Resin
  • As low as 1.6 U-Value Achieved (see different construction types below)

5mm Seal Width

We are able to manufacture Sashlite Double Glazed Units incorporating the following:

  • Sound Reduction Laminated Glass
  • Self Cleaning Glass
  • Tinted Glass (Bronze, Grey, Green or Blue)
  • Leaded Glass

Please contact us for further details, or if you require an alternative specification.

We are able to produce all Sashlite Double Glazed Units as shapes, providing rigid templates are supplied for us to follow.

All of UASashlite Ultra Thin Double Glazed Units carry a guarantee of 5 years when glazed according to our Installation Method.

Our standard constructions are as follows:

Constructed as above, the 12mm Standard Sashlite Double Glazed Unit, is available in either annealed or toughened glass, with either a Krypton Gas OR Argon Gas filled cavity.

We are also able to incorporate obscure (textured) glass into the 12mm Standard Sashlite. Please click here to see our textured glass gallery.

U-Values achieved:

  • 12mm Standard with Krypton Gas – 1.6 W/m2
  • 12mm Standard with Argon Gas – 2.0 W/m2
12mm Standard

Installation Method

UA Sashlite Glazing Method (PDF)

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