Mirror Splashback Kitchen

At UA Glass we have 4 styles of mirrored splashbacks  to choose fromSilver Mirror, Bronze Mirror, Venetian Antique Mirror and Replica Antique Mirror. Which Mirror splashback would you choose?

Venetian Antique Mirror Splashback

Venetian antique mirror splashbacks have a distressed and aged look in the form of a grey mottled undertone running through the glass. A venetian antique mirror splashbacks is full of depth and character and gives any room an elegant, vintage feel. Venetian antique mirror splashbacks create an attractive feature in any room.

Replica Antique Mirror Splashback

As with Venetian Antique splashbacks, Replica Antique splashbacks have a distressed, vintage look but with yellow/brown tones running through the glass. It is certainly is full of depth and character and perfect or anyone looking to create a stunning centrepiece in any room.

Silver Mirror Splashback

Silver Mirror splashbacks are suitable for every home, understated and simple. A silver mirror splashback effortlessly blends into almost any home environment either traditional or contemporary.  Most of our customers are looking to create the illusion of a much larger space within their kitchen or bathroom, and a silver mirror splashback, if placed strategically, are perfect for this.

Bronze Mirror splashbacks

Bronze Mirror splashbacks earthy, warm tone transforms any room. The bronze tinted glass creates an illusion of space but offers more of a delicate, duskier feel than the traditional Silver Mirror splashbacks.

Mirror Splashback

Mirror splashbacks offer unrivaled elegance creating natural light and an illusion of space within any room this is why mirror splashbacks are still proving to be a popular choice.  A mirror splashback also make a stunning feature in any room and is perfect for anyone looking to create that bespoke look in their home.

All our Mirrored splashbacks can be cut to any size and shape and come with polished edges.  We offer a supply and install service on all our Mirrored splashbacks, or alternatively supply only if you wish to install the glass yourself.

See more about our very popular kitchen splashbacks. A touch of unrivaled class and sophistication.