Double Glazed Sealed Units

We are the specialists in manufacturing double glazed units, otherwise known as DGU’s. All of our units are compliant with BSEN 1279 Parts 1 to 6 and carry the CE Mark.

What are DGU’s?

Double glazed units are essentially made up from 2 panes of glass, with a spacer bar to separate the 2 panes, and sealed around the perimeter to make airtight.

Benefits of Double Glazed Sealed Units

Double glazed sealed units are extremely good at heat insulation. They act to not allow any of your warm air to escape through the double glazed windows. In addition they don’t allow any of the cold air into your house. So it is the perfect barrier to protecting your home’s temperature. This would help enormously on energy saving.

Installing double glazed sealed units keeps your house cool in the hot summers. The sun’s rays can get trapped in the double glazed units helping your room stay cooler, helping to decrease the amount of energy cost from keeping a fan on.

These windows are also great at keeping you safe. With extra glass, double glazed sealed units increases the protection of your home. The double units are harder to break through and are sealed tighter than most other windows. So you have peace of mind in your own home.

They are great at reducing the amount of condensation. Double glazed sealed units decrease the amount of moister that builds up on your windows. As sealed windows are airtight it makes it impossible for condensation to grow which can cause mould on the panes.

Finally you have the benefit of less noise. Busy roads and loud towns can be annoying when you’re trying to sleep or work, a quieter home enables you to focus on the things you want to do with no distractions.

Our Guarantees

All of our DGU’s are manufactured using a dual seal system. Our standard sealant, which is polyurethane, allows us to offer a guarantee of 5 years when glazing into timber frames and 10 years into UPVC.

We also offer a specialist seal, which is an epoxy resin; this allows us to offer a 10-year guarantee when glazing into timber frames (with the exception of our Sashlite sealed units) as well as UPVC (all glazing must be in accordance with GGF regulations).

We are also able to produce triple glazed sealed units, and double glazing suitable for sound control, please contact us for further information on these products.

It is essential that the correct products are used to glaze our double glazed sealed units, please refer to this document (PDF) for more information.

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We offer a comprehensive range of sealed unit types, including:

Double glazed unit