Softcoat Low-e Glass

Softcoat Low-e glass is manufactured using an advanced coating technology and is neutral in appearance. Once incorporated into a DGU the ‘invisible’ coating on the glass captures free heat from the sun and acts as a thermal insulator to reduce heat loss and retain more of the warmth in your home.

Complying with Building Regulations Part L 2010

The changes to Building Regulations Part L 2010 state that in order to comply, the complete window (including the frame and the glass) should either:

  • Achieve an overall U-value of 1.6 or lower
  • Achieve a minimum Energy Rating of C

With most window frames just adding Softcoat Low-e glass with argon gas is enough to reach a C rating and a U-value of 1.6 is easily achieved.

Benefits of using Softcoat Low-e glass

  • Softcoat Low-e glass incorporates an advanced coating technology to capture free energy from the sun to help heat the home.
  • The advanced coating reflects heat back into the room, meaning less energy is needed to heat the home.
  • Softcoat Low-e glass combines with virtually any window frame to achieve a Window Energy Rating (WER) of C and an A rating is easier to achieve.
  • Softcoat Low-e glass maximises the amount of natural light in the home, without haze or tint.
  • Softcoat Low-e glass helps to virtually eliminate condensation and reduce draughts and cold spots in and around windows.